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The dangerous simplicity of Big Data

24 Oct
October 24, 2013 Big Data is one of the current business buzzwords. However, as I wrote in an earlier post we must take care that we don’t just sleepwalk into the dangerous simplicity of Big Data without first understanding some of the basic underlying concepts of data itself.  In this post I’d like to expand on this issue considerably – specifically for those of us working in the People Profession, such as Learning and Development, Talent and HR. Painful experiences Let’s start with a story.  For Read more [...]

The proverbs of learning and development (10-12)

12 Sep
September 12, 2013 In previous posts I’ve taken you to a slightly lighter but equally stimulating place and explored the application of proverbs for today’s Learning and Development professionals.  I’ve already covered six examples and here are another three for you to enjoy. In this post I’ll explore the following proverbs (starting at number ten, because you’ve already had numbers one through nine): 10. One man’s meat is another man’s poison 11. He who pays the piper calls the tune 12. Actions Read more [...]

What makes a country a success?

01 Aug
August 1, 2013 We often talk about what makes a successful leader or a successful business, but what about a country – what makes an entire country a success?  And if we knew what made a whole country a success, could we learn from this in our own businesses? Story An article in The Economist caught my eye.  When ranked against a range of county-wide success factors such as global competitiveness, ease of doing business, global innovation, corruption perceptions, human development and prosperity. When Read more [...]

Five traits of a true leader

04 Jul
July 4, 2013 Leadership is complex, so we’re told - but is it really?  We hear that “leaders are born, not made,” we hear about leadership traits and leadership styles and a whole pile of other things that supposedly make someone a great leader.  But does it have to be that complex?  Perhaps there’s a simpler approach – one that we can all align to. Story Every time the elections come round the conversation turns to leadership.  We ask if the people on the TV and radio seeking our votes are Read more [...]

When e-learning isn’t green learning

21 Feb
February 21, 2013 E-learning has grown in popularity as devices such as the PC, laptop, flat screen TV, tablet and smartphone are now in virtually every western home.  But what about the real cost of this technology and its effect on both people and planet?  I wonder if it’s time we should start looking at green learning. Story Green, as they say, is the new black – or so it would seem.  Much talk in business today centres around sustainability, impact of doing business, carbon footprints and green energy.  Read more [...]

A licence to practise

24 Jan
January 24, 2013 Do you have a licence to practice, I mean really have one? Changes in the way that financial advisors are allowed to carry on their business have now come into play in the UK  and this got me thinking.  A financial advisor handles your money and for that reason they are expected to be qualified to a defined standard, regulated and supervised.  But it’s not the same for all professionals. We always hear how “people are our greatest assets” yet we all know that in reality this holds Read more [...]

The business of ethics

17 Jan
January 17, 2013 A leading article in People management magazine by the Chief Executive of the CIPD, Peter Cheese caught my eye.  In his opening statement, Peter cited the fact that in the aftermath of events such as Deepwater Horizon, the banking crisis, the exposure of Lance Armstrong and the implosion of the UK press, there is a declining belief that businesses are behaving ethically. Peter cited The Institute of Business Ethics which has recorded a 10% drop in the proportion of the public who believe Read more [...]

Do businesses REALLY value their values

13 Dec
December 13, 2012 It’s not all over yet as BP agrees to pay a $4.5bn penalty over the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and Barclays receives a series of fines for manipulating LIBOR and US Energy market together with their mis-selling to a large number of middle-England pensioners.  Add that together with HSBC, who’ve been fined for money laundering and you’d be mistaken for thinking that large businesses operate in any way they want and have few, if any, values.  Well, you might be right on one of those scores. Story It Read more [...]