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Running your L&D department as a business – part II

17 Jul
July 17, 2014 In the second and final post of this series, I’ll be looking at how you can run your department as a business and the benefits you can gain from this approach. Let’s begin by casting our minds back to the previous post.  In this, I outlined eight steps for running your department as a business. The eight steps are: 1.  knowing the business you’re in 2.  knowing what your business wants 3.  understanding what you are offering 4.  identifying and closing the demand gap 5. Read more [...]

Running your L&D department as a business – Part I

26 Jun
June 26, 2014 Big businesses spend millions of pounds on their People Function every year.  But do they get value?  In 2010 a report by Capita asked 100 of the top 500 UK companies about their L&D departments.  Only 18% felt they had People Departments (specifically Learning and Development) that were operationally aligned to the business.  Ouch! Today, People Professionals are facing a dilemma.  They know they draw resources from their business, but are often unsure how to articulate the benefits Read more [...]

Small changes really do make a difference

22 Nov
November 22, 2012 The London 2012 Olympic Games was widely recognised as being one of the best games ever staged.  These games may now be a distant recollection but the legacy of what was achieved by the GB cycling team will last a lifetime and is a lesson to all of us connected with business. Although my old sport (rowing) also dominated the Team GB medal tables, it’s to cycling that I’d like to turn to demonstrate just what can be achieved when the right level of focus, determination and professionalism Read more [...]