15 Nov


Book Cover

I’ve published my first book called “Seeing Eye to Eye: How people professionals can achieve lasting alignment and success within their business.”  It’s available in a wide variety of places and on Amazon  you can order in paperback, hardback and Kindle versions – as you’d expect.


People Professionals are under pressure from all areas. They’re being asked to deliver more with less, to justify their existence and to show how their activities have a positive benefit on the businesses they serve. Budgets are constantly under pressure and in some quarters are being slashed. Times are tight and are set to stay that way for some time to come. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to rise above these issues and demonstrate that People Professionals can deliver lasting value, but to do that you must listen to the needs of your businesses, for if you do that, and do it right, then you can set yourselves up for long-term success. This book will guide you through the changes necessary to create alignment with your business. This means being able to say goodbye to constant budget cuts and lack of interest from senior executives, instead, with the right approach you’ll be able to say hello to adding real value to your business and customers. You’ll start to get the investment you deserve for your projects, to be approached by senior executives to solve complex business problems and to be thanked and praised by your Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer for all the positive changes you’ve made. It’s your future and it’s in your hands.

White Papers

I’ve also had a White Paper published and you can freely download this here.