14 Dec

Jonathan Kettleborough

First and foremost, welcome to my blog!

There’s a plethora of blogs out there these days – some good – some not so good.  It’s taken me some years to come to the world of blogging because I wanted to ensure that I posted blogs that would be both meaningful and promote thought and change.

My blog focuses on two key issues, business and learning.  Why, well without business we have no economy and without learning we have no chance of progress.

I hope you make use of the content and of course you can always post comments or suggest blog topics by contacting me.

Enjoy the blog and remember to focus on your business and your learning!

A little bit about me . . .

I’ve over twenty five years’ experience within the People Profession in areas such as e-learning, training and development, talent, leadership, business and change management.

Before I setup my own consultancy (Corollis), I managed a number of training operations, ranging from internal training departments to limited companies delivering to blue chip clients.

During my time in training management, I always sought to clearly align my work with the business, thereby maximising the benefits of my work.  I have achieved much success from this approach which had included national and international awards and recognition.   My experience covers a wide range of industries including financial, stockbroking, IT, government, learning, telecommunications and nuclear.

Outside of the People Profession I have worked with a number of businesses to change the way they operate.  This has included changing manufacturing and distribution techniques for one company and taking another business online to achieve their lowest ever cost of sale.

I was a founder of the TenCORE user group and later engineered the merger of this group into The Association of Computer Based Training (TACT) which has since become the e-learning Network which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012.  I’ve also been a key member of the Northern New Media Forum and retains close ties to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Learning and Performance Institute where I am a Fellow with both.  I also hold an MBA with distinction from Bradford University School of Management.

In between work as a business consultant, I remains active on the speaker circuit where I am passionate about ensuring that the People Profession adds measurable value to business and I regularly “bang the drum” to reiterate this point to the People Profession.  I am a straightforward speaker who delivers hard but achievable messages.

I regularly have articles published, work as external faculty to Birkbeck College and am also a judge for the prestigious annual Learning Awards.

I can be followed though social media on Twitter: @JKettleborough and also on LinkedIn:  Jonathan Kettleborough

Things you may not know . . .

When I was 17 I was almost arrested in Gatwick airport for carrying a high-powered rifle.  I’ve been to, and stayed a month at the world’s northern-most community.  I’ve sponsored a film called “The point of regret” which I also appeared in and had my makeup done by a chap who’d also done the makeup for Kylie Minogue!  I used to row (when I didn’t have grey hair) and some of my old crew mates have gone on to row for England and perhaps most famously row for Cambridge the year they hit a barge before even staring the race!  I was even sick in the turnups of my Headmaster on the day of the annual Combined Cadet Force (CCF) inspection – something my Mum has never lived down!