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Big Data and Talent. The good, the bad and the ugly

19 Dec
December 19, 2013

There’s no doubt that Big Data is one of the hot topics right now but there are some real dangers lurking that we should all be aware of – and that’s the focus of this week’s post. In recent posts [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5] I’ve talked about some of the issues with Big Data which apply to our industry – about how we need to make sure we really understand data, how we can make simple mistakes with data and how – in the case of talent management – we may need to totally alter our Read more […]

The Big Data and talent conundrum

28 Nov
November 28, 2013

In recent posts [1], [2] and [3] I’ve talked about the use of Big Data within Learning and Development, talent and HR.  I’ve talked about how we need to understand data before we throw ourselves at Big Data and I’ve also looked at how easy it is for even the most seasoned professionals to get their data wrong. In this post I want to go much further.  I want to explore the notion that we cannot continue to measure ‘old’ data and merely apply ‘Big Data’ approaches and hope for some Read more […]