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Foot and mouth – the basis for great leadership

30 Jan
January 30, 2014

In previous posts I’ve talked about some of the key issues that make a great leader.  In this short post I’d like to focus on one area – foot and mouth. We normally associate foot and mouth with the disease that reputedly cost the UK £8 billion in 2001 but for this post I’d like to use it to mean something different – something positive – and something associated with leadership. I use the term foot and mouth to describe what a leader says – ‘the mouth’ – and what they Read more […]

The seven deadly sins of storytelling

18 Jul
July 18, 2013

In a recent post I talked about the power of storytelling.  This week I’m turning my attention to the seven deadly sins that can impact on all of our stories in a negative way, and I’m going to suggest some approaches for dealing with them. Story Based on the original seven deadly sins, I thought I’d apply these to storytelling so that you always deliver the very best stories that you possibly can. As a reminder, the seven deadly sins are: Wrath Sloth Gluttony Greed Pride Lust, Read more […]

The power of storytelling

25 Apr
April 25, 2013

According to an editorial in Management Today (February 2013), the way to paint a positive future for your teams and staff is to tell a story.  Far from being something that only children enjoy, storytelling for executives is now de rigor in the workplace.  But what is storytelling – and, more importantly, does it work? Story Storytelling has been used by the human race for as long as we have been able to communicate.  Australian cave paintings were used by the aboriginal people as a way Read more […]