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Learning from an investment banker

11 Jul
July 11, 2013

It’s not that often these days that we’re likely to take advice from an investment banker – and certainly not advice on learning!  But an article in the Financial Times by Terry Smith contained some real pearls of wisdom that apply equally to People Professionals as they do investment bankers. Story Terry Smith is the chief executive of Tullett Prebon and also of Fundsmith LLP and his article – although directed at investors – was full of good sense for People Professionals. Although Read more […]

When e-learning isn’t green learning

21 Feb
February 21, 2013

E-learning has grown in popularity as devices such as the PC, laptop, flat screen TV, tablet and smartphone are now in virtually every western home.  But what about the real cost of this technology and its effect on both people and planet?  I wonder if it’s time we should start looking at green learning. Story Green, as they say, is the new black – or so it would seem.  Much talk in business today centres around sustainability, impact of doing business, carbon footprints and green energy.  Read more […]

Crazy Innovation

14 Feb
February 14, 2013

Sometimes there’s an innovation that catches my eye and really makes me sit up and think.  The article I read was in The Economist which talked about an inventor who had just built a cardboard bicycle! Story Izhar Gafni is an unlikely hero who’s taken an almost unchanged design – the bicycle – and totally altered the way it can be manufactured. Izhar has developed a bicycle based on resin treated cardboard yes, CARDBOARD – which he claims is stronger than carbon fibre. In his Read more […]

Please sir, may I have some more?

07 Feb
February 7, 2013

Today, 7th February 2013 would have been the 201st birthday of Charles Dickens.  In one of his most famous books Oliver Twist famously asked “Please sir, may I have some more?”  This statement got me thinking; we all want more – we want more people, more budget, more capital investment, more time, more EVERYTHING.  That’s understandable – but do we do enough to justify our demands? Story The concept of wanting more is well-known to all of us.  Perhaps it’s a symptom of our culture Read more […]