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Perfect Presentation

10 Jul
July 10, 2014

In today’s corporate world we prepare so many presentations that at times the very thought of putting in effort to make it perfect can seem like a waste of effort.  What can you possibly do that hasn’t been done before, how on earth do you make something perfect from the organisation’s brand style, and why not just copy something you’ve done before?  In this post I’ll explain a little journey I’ve been on and why putting in effort matters more than you could ever have thought. It’s Read more […]

The anatomy of a keynote presentation

13 Mar
March 13, 2014

In previous posts I discussed the potential disconnect between a conference backchannel and the actual content of the conference itself.  Following on from some initial analysis regarding who was tweeting, this week I turn my attention to actually analysing the first of the conference sessions – the opening keynote. As before, I’m using the UK-based Learning Technologies as an example because I know the conference well and understand a reasonable amount about the content and issues. Deeper Read more […]