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The classroom is dead, long live the classroom!

01 May
May 1, 2014

For corporate learning, classrooms are a thing of the past – or are they?  Survey after survey reveals conflicting information; however, despite all the hype around elearning, distance learning and the like, the classroom still seems to be in rude(ish) health. According to a survey conducted by training provider Video Arts, classroom training is back in vogue. The survey of 294 learning and development professionals showed 93% now use classroom training (up from 82% in 2012), 82% use e-learning Read more […]

What’s formal learning ever given us?

25 Jul
July 25, 2013

The debate over formal learning versus informal learning versus social learning versus live online learning continues apace but a recent exchange via Twitter rather got my dander up!  In response to an excellent blog by Clark Quinn, Jane Hart from the Centre for Performance Learning Technologies (@C4LPT) tweeted that “Formal learning should be the LAST RESORT”. (Jane’s emphasis) My response was that we need formal learning – that flying ‘social airways’ or living near a ‘social nuclear Read more […]