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Why I was wrong about engineers

07 Nov
November 7, 2014

Way back in May 2013 I wrote about “Why engineers should be running L&D’. It seems I was wrong – very wrong – and I’m here to put the record straight. Earlier story In my earlier post I wrote that: “Engineering is a discipline that’s based upon fact and analysis and the clear application of both in order to solve known and agreed problems. Working closely with engineers for many years has taught me the value of their rigorous training and education.  For example: The Read more […]

The genius that is Burt Rutan

20 Jun
June 20, 2013

Genius is a word that can often be used inappropriately.  However, where Burt Rutan is concerned it’s the right word to describe his work and, perhaps more importantly, his approach to the complex challenges he has overcome.  Burt Rutan isn’t a name that most people are familiar with but as you’ll see in this week’s post it’s a name that has quietly delivered so much. Story I first came across the name of Burt Rutan while watching a compelling documentary about a little company Read more […]

Why engineers should be running learning and development

23 May
May 23, 2013

Learning and Development professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds – teaching, certainly, but also from the humanities – and a number become involved in L&D just because of their love of the subject area.  But I’ve been wondering though if engineers could be the best model for future L&D professionals? Story For the past seven years I’ve worked very closely with the civil nuclear industry in the UK.  This industry contains engineers from every discipline: nuclear – Read more […]