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We don’t need more!

31 Oct
October 31, 2014

We don’t need more – we just need to get better at the basics.  I’ve blogged on this  this theme a few times but within L&D the basics means understanding the businesses we serve, understanding how the entire smorgasbord of learning interventions can work in a coherent way to solve our problems and then applying the most effective solutions we can in a timely and cost-effective manner.  It’s all about using what we have, not needing more. I’ll set my stall out right away – this is going Read more […]

Why L&D needs business acumen

24 Jul
July 24, 2014

Business acumen – who needs it?  There was a time when the average L&D manager needed to understand a bit about training delivery and be able to spout on about one subject or another in front of a bored audience – but no more.  Now, more than ever before, L&D managers need to be skilled in a range of subjects – and top amongst them is business acumen. This post has been written specially to support the great team who run the chat2lrn blog site and Twitter feed.  You can read all Read more […]

Back to basics for L&D

22 May
May 22, 2014

It’s survey season once more and there’s a worrying trend to the emerging messages.  L&D needs to get back to basics – to understand the business and to deliver.  It’s time to forget the fads and concentrate on the facts. The CIPD has recently published its annual Learning and Development Survey.  One of the key findings is that there should be “closer integration of L&D activity and business strategy anticipated – the most common organisational changes that will affect Read more […]