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Can you tell what backchannel session it is yet?

27 Mar
March 27, 2014 In previous posts [1], [2] and [3] I’ve really explored some issues associated with Twitter backchannels.  I’ve talked about potential bias, analysed who’s actually tweeting and have also analysed a keynote presentation.  In my final post on this theme, this week I’m turning the tables to see if it’s possible to recognise a conference session from the Twitter backchannel, given the keyword frequencies. As previously, I’m using the UK-based Learning Technologies as an example because Read more [...]

The power and value of execution – Part III

20 Mar
March 20, 2014 In the first post in this series I started looking at the power and value of execution and also at three key issues that L&D professionals need to focus on to ensure they execute flawlessly.  These were: always deliver to meet expectations, make sure the front line is really empowered, and work tirelessly to improve productivity and eliminate excess waste. I’ve already talked about the importance of always delivering to meet expectations and also about empowering the front line Read more [...]

The anatomy of a keynote presentation

13 Mar
March 13, 2014 In previous posts I discussed the potential disconnect between a conference backchannel and the actual content of the conference itself.  Following on from some initial analysis regarding who was tweeting, this week I turn my attention to actually analysing the first of the conference sessions – the opening keynote. As before, I’m using the UK-based Learning Technologies as an example because I know the conference well and understand a reasonable amount about the content and issues. Deeper Read more [...]

Why L&D can’t ignore alignment anymore

06 Mar
March 6, 2014 Alignment is one of the most frequently sought after nirvanas within organisations.  We read how a lack of alignment can cause irreparable problems and issues, but what does alignment mean to learning and development professionals and should we bother?  This post explains why, perhaps now more than ever, we need to make sure that all of our L&D efforts are aligned to the needs of our business. Introduction L&D professionals are under pressure from all areas.  They are being asked Read more [...]