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Who tweets wins

27 Feb
February 27, 2014 The uses for social media seem to know few boundaries.  Tweets, updates, likes and so on are becoming part of our everyday lives.  We’re seeing social media being used to topple governments, hold major corporations to account and support conferences – and the latter is the focus for this week’s post - a deeper analysis of a conference backchannel. Story In a previous post I discussed the potential for disconnect between what was actually happening at conferences and what was being tweeted.  Read more [...]

The power and value of execution – Part II

20 Feb
February 20, 2014 In the first post in this series I looked at the three key issues that L&D professionals need to focus on to ensure they execute flawlessly.  These were: always deliver to meet expectations, make sure the front line is really empowered, and work tirelessly to improve productivity and eliminate excess waste. I’ve already talked about the importance of always delivering to meet expectations and in this post I’ll be looking at ensuring that your front line is really empowered. Make Read more [...]

Creating a Learning and Development strategy – Part II

13 Feb
February 13, 2014 In a previous post I outlined the first two of five rules for creating a winning learning and development strategy.  In this post I’ll outline the final three rules, which are: clear value propositions for the customer fine tune for the marketplace communicate clearly with stakeholder groups Rule 3:  Clear value propositions for the customer If you were approached by one of your senior managers and asked: “What do you do round here to help us make money?” what would you say?  Read more [...]

The bias of the backchannel

06 Feb
February 6, 2014 Social media tools are increasingly being used to support backchannels for a number of conferences and events.  Conferences will issue ‘formal’ Twitter hashtags in advance – such as #MyConference – so that tweets can be rapidly searched, collated and shared.  But what if the tweets are not representative of the conference content – surely then the immediate value of the backchannel would be lost?  This post explores a real-world example and suggests some strategies and learning for all Read more [...]