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Four Yorkshiremen discuss learning

26 Dec
December 26, 2013 By the time you’re reading this, Christmas Day will have passed and the bombardment of ‘trends for 2014’ will soon be upon us. Rather than my normal challenging posts I’ve decided – as part of the festive season – to adapt the famous Monty Python “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch to suit the modern day learner.  I hope you enjoy it and do a little learning too. The sketch Scene:  A beautiful terrace overlooks a calm and warm ocean.  Four Yorkshiremen, clad in their finery, are Read more [...]

Big Data and Talent. The good, the bad and the ugly

19 Dec
December 19, 2013 There’s no doubt that Big Data is one of the hot topics right now but there are some real dangers lurking that we should all be aware of – and that’s the focus of this week’s post. In recent posts [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5] I’ve talked about some of the issues with Big Data which apply to our industry – about how we need to make sure we really understand data, how we can make simple mistakes with data and how – in the case of talent management – we may need to totally alter our Read more [...]

Building an effective L&D culture – Part II

12 Dec
December 12, 2013 In an earlier post I began looking at the six stages for developing an effective culture for your L&D department.  I covered off vision and values and in this post I’ll look at the remaining stages which are: Alignment People Execution Learning Alignment The concept of business alignment had been around for some time but is now becoming a hot topic, particularly for L&D.  Aligning an L&D department is essential so that not only does the department align to the needs Read more [...]

Big Data and data blindness

05 Dec
December 5, 2013 Big Data is a very hot topic right now and I’ve written about this previously [1], [2], [3] and [4].  In this short post I’d like to talk a little about the real issue of ‘data blindness’ and the consequences it has for all of us. ‘Data blindness’ isn’t the proper word for what I’m about to describe – but it does a good job, in that some of us will see data in a different way to others. Let me explain.  As any parent knows, you never have an ugly baby because in your eyes Read more [...]