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The Big Data and talent conundrum

28 Nov
November 28, 2013 In recent posts [1], [2] and [3] I’ve talked about the use of Big Data within Learning and Development, talent and HR.  I’ve talked about how we need to understand data before we throw ourselves at Big Data and I’ve also looked at how easy it is for even the most seasoned professionals to get their data wrong. In this post I want to go much further.  I want to explore the notion that we cannot continue to measure ‘old’ data and merely apply ‘Big Data’ approaches and hope for some Read more [...]

Failing to change

21 Nov
November 21, 2013 In a recent post I wrote about how - despite all our efforts - almost 70% of all change initiatives fail.  In this post I want to look at why so many change initiatives fail. Let’s recap According to HBR almost 70% of all change initiatives fail.  That’s right – 70%! In addition to HBR, change guru John Kotter also found that about 70% of change initiatives fail.  Ken Blanchard joined the gang and also found the same shameful 70% failure rate. As I said previously whichever way you Read more [...]

Building an effective L&D culture – Part I

14 Nov
November 14, 2013 As learning and development (L&D) professionals you will have almost certainly come across a range of articles and blogs which asks if you have a ‘learning organisation’ or talks about how you develop one – but few articles exist that will help you develop the right culture for an effecting L&D department and without the right culture in place you’ll never achieve the success you ultimately strive for; that is, until now! In the first part of a two part post, I’ll take you through Read more [...]

Why HR directors don’t make it to CEO

07 Nov
November 7, 2013 According to an article in Management Today although businesses claim to have broadened their CEO selection pool, a staggering 83% of HR directors never get promoted to the role of CEO, reveal Sharon Mullen and Jo Sellwood-Taylor of research firm Mullwood Partnership. Here's a staggering statistic. Despite two-thirds of HR directors harbouring ambitions to become chief executive, only a fraction work for companies where the HR director has ever been awarded the top job. The question is: why? Story You Read more [...]