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The power of personal

27 Dec
December 27, 2012 Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Digg, Reddit . . . The social media list seemingly goes on forever - this blog alone allows you share on 328 different platforms - but as our business lives increasingly move online have we lost, or are we in danger of losing, the power of the personal touch? Story I was at a meeting recently and during a break I was talking to a colleague about global consulting firms and how they go about attracting the very best in new talent.  My colleague Read more [...]

When 300 seconds is just enough

20 Dec
December 20, 2012 I’m getting older – but aren’t we all!  Over the years I’ve been to dozens of conferences and events arranged by both profit and non-profit organisations.  But the best event by far was the recent 25th birthday celebration for the e-Learning Network. Story At 25 years old, the e-Learning Network is a long-standing organisation which brings together – as you would expect – all those with an interest in learning about, promoting and selling e-learning.  As an ex-chairman, I had Read more [...]

Do businesses REALLY value their values

13 Dec
December 13, 2012 It’s not all over yet as BP agrees to pay a $4.5bn penalty over the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and Barclays receives a series of fines for manipulating LIBOR and US Energy market together with their mis-selling to a large number of middle-England pensioners.  Add that together with HSBC, who’ve been fined for money laundering and you’d be mistaken for thinking that large businesses operate in any way they want and have few, if any, values.  Well, you might be right on one of those scores. Story It Read more [...]

Will they ever learn?

06 Dec
December 6, 2012 Rogue traders are back in the news again as dealer Kweku Adoboli racks up £1.5bn losses for his company UBS. According to a story published in The Guardian Adoboli was a relatively junior City trader who almost destroyed UBS through increasingly reckless illicit deals.  Adoboli was jailed for seven years after being convicted of what police describe as the biggest fraud in UK history. The story doesn’t end there.  Regulators criticised the Swiss bank for serious weaknesses in control, Read more [...]